11 Sep 2012

Top ten things to do in Barcelona...

So due to the popularity of my previous post 'Top Ten things to do in Budapest' and because when I googled it prior to my trip I found very little, so I will share with you the top ten things we found to do in Barcelona and you never know one day they may come in handy.

1)Batllo House - architecture by Gaudi. It was truly amazing and every single room was just stunning. I love his use of light and windows - I have always dreamed of a house with huge windows and loads of natural light.
2) We loved these rocks covered in super cool graffiti on the main beach - I think that it is art but I know that it is a subject open to debate!
3) This cute little band serenading us at Guell Park. The arches provided welcome relief from the sun and we just soaked it all in.
4) Guell Park - full of beautiful sculptures and fascinating architecture and singers (see above!)I tried to get a picture with no tourists, but it wasn't possible.
5) The most popular stall on the market. It is on Saturdays at the bottom of Las Ramblas. He will personalise any wooden item with a message and little symbol. He made a 'Club Bruges' keyring with a little football on for you know who...
6) Maitea (aka The toothpick Cafe) - £1.75 per toothpick. Apparently this is the original tapas, called Basque, and the best part was that there was plenty of veggie options for me! Lots of cute little tartlets and gooey cheese. Read more about it and find out its location here.

7) We hired bikes for a few hours on our last day and whizzed along to see the Parc de La Ciutadella and it was well worth the hassle and made for a stunning photo.
8) Olympic Museum - it was reasonably prices and there were lots of interesting exhibits including lots of television screens where you could watch some of the greatest Olympic moments of all time. There were some fun interactive games too and we enjoyed trying to beat Olympic runners in the 100 metres. Trying being the operative word.
9) The market just off of Las Ramblas was great and had an interesting variety of colourful wares. We got some delicious empendadas from the Mexican stall and the fresh juices were so welcome in the sweltering Spanish sun. Top tip: go along at around 5ish when they are packing up and you could get four juices for just a euro!
10) Las Segradas Familia - an awe inspiring Cathedral also inspired and built by the incredibly talented Gaudi. The viewing tower is an optional extra I would advise for great views of the city.

So there you go - excuse my poor spelling of the Spanish words. I am feeling lazy tonight and full of back to school brain fog! Plus I never did Spanish at school.
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  1. This is great! I love finding tips from real people who travel and not just from people who travel just to write about it (if that makes sense). The Olympic Museum looks like loads of fun.

  2. how could papa bubble not have made the top ten.. are you crazy! ;) I would def add the magic fountain to that list, there were so many cool things in barcelona you could probably do a top 20! my pics should be arriving any day, can't wait xx

  3. So want to go to Barcelona - fantastic pictures and lots of useful travel tips - tfs.


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