10 Sep 2012

Messy Mondays: White paint to brighten a background!

Have you ever made a layout, photographed it and then edited the picture and realised that it was missing something?
Check out the layout below I thought that I would clash floral prints on a Kraft background but when I stepped back I realised that it all blurred into one and it lacked impact overall.
I was inspired to create this layout about my 'kick ass' back to school outfit. The end of last academic year I had two weeks off work compassionate leave after a loss in my life and I was kind of dreading returning to work as I didn't want everyone fussing over me. I didn't want their sympathetic looks or even worse an arm around my shoulder as I was on the edge and needed to stay strong. So I planned my outfit carefully a pencil skirt with a bold patterned silk shirt tucked into the waist and high heels. I wanted to scrap this and so got the Belgian to take an instax pic for me to create this layout.

A close-up of the details - I cut roses out of the paper to embellish the picture.
So that was the before and here is the after. I decided to gesso up the middle panel so that it popped more. You can still see the pattern faintly through the paint. It was tricky to do it this way as I had to try not to get paint of the picture or the stickers. I added some Amy Tan journalling spots and was going to journal on them, but then decided that I preferred them blank instead.

Overall I am really pleased with this layout and feel that it tells the story well and captures the mood that I was feeling at the time of creating it.
Do you ever go back to a layout and make changes to it?


  1. Yes, I do. Photographing a page can throw up all sorts of little issues I find!

    Good for you scrapbooking this moment. I like it a lot.

  2. Love this! Oh yes, I make changes :)


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