22 Jul 2012

Sunday session: Care packages giveaway!

 I have been musing over the last few weeks how it really is the small and thoughtful things which means the most. I recieved these three care packages over the last month and they really made my day and cheered me up when I recieved them. The third was biscotti all the way from New York and it was delish! Do you know the funniest thing two of the senders were total strangers and they were just blog related RAKs? So I think I am going to pass along the love...first to people I actually know and then to...well...relative strangers via a giveaway. So make sure that you comment on this post to qualify.

 I got some of the ideas for my care packages from this blog she sent some friends packages of sunshine and I felt that my fellow Brits would appreciate some sunshine in all this rain. Although today the sun has made an appearance an the pub gardens are overflowing and badly fake tanned flesh is endemic in the high streets of a town near YOU!
So I headed to Wilkinsons to get some cheap and cheerful yellow coloured little pressies to fill these packages. And oh my gosh how cool have Wilkos gone? They even have some scrapbook worthy stationary like these post-its for a pound and lightbulb shaped paper clips - yay! Those were MY treat!

 So recipient number who has two little boys is getting this stash of goodies...

 Recipient two, who is off on a camping trip with her daughter, is getting these goodies...

 I packaged them like this...

So if you want to recieve a package filled with sunshine then comment below...will draw the winner NEXT SUNDAY at 8pm!
International friends welcome. Real friends welcome too!


  1. what a lovely idea Mel....looks like i'll have to make a trip to Wilko's too xx

  2. I want a package of sunshine because I don't get enough packages these days ;) Those jars look awesome and I'm loving the Wilko's post it notes!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment!
    I LOVE this idea!! These are so cute!!
    I would love a package of sunshine!!

    Sarah at www.whimsicalmumblings.blogspot.co.uk


  4. what a wonderful idea! Who doesn't need an extra ray of sunshine in their life?

  5. Just found your blog and it makes me want to open my scrapbooking boxes again. Today, we've had quite a lot of thunder so a package of sunshine would be more than welcome!

  6. thank you for my jar of sunshine Mel, the boys and i love it and it is on the piano, in use daily. xx


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