29 Jul 2012

Giveaway winner...

Thanks for all your kind words bloggers about my sunshine jars, my (our) anniversary, my outfit post (would you like more of these? I enjoyed doing it!) and my layouts.
I used random name picker - which is found on classtools.net a great tool that I use when I teach to decide who has to answer a question or who has to give a presentation first. One of my students is really shy and HATES speaking in front of the class and she told me that she has a panic attack every time I bring out the random name picker - so sometimes I sneakily omit her name and give her a knowing wink. I'm not here to cause panic attacks am I??? My younger students LOVE it though and they will do anything if their name comes up on the fruit machine- a great bargaining tool.
So without further ado the winner of giveaway...

(I tried to add the screen shot and it amde blogger go a bit crazy so...)

what a lovely idea Mel....looks like i'll have to make a trip to Wilko's too xx

Well Lousie no need for you to go! Louise is one of my most loyal and 'devoted' followers so it could not have gone to a better person. Please email me your address Louise - melide18@gmail.com
I will mail your package out at the end of the week as I am in London for the Olympics - yay! I will be posting some pics up soon of the handball and the view from inside the Olympic Park.
Hope you all enjoyed the opening ceremony as much as me.
'Brilliant, a little bit bonkers and very British' one of my friends tweeted and I couldn't agree more.

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  1. OH MY,..How lovely, thank you Mel...i'll send you an email. I like the devoted follower bit lol!!

    I'd have been having palpitations too at the thought of being picked out to speak in front of the whole class. Thank goodness they didn't have random generators when i was at school!! x


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