14 Jul 2012

Saturday scraption time...

So I have some new layouts to share with you - well they are new to you but I have probably completed them some time in the last month - with the background noise of one of these chick flicks off netflix:-
  • One Fine Day- featuring a very fine George Clooney
  • Raising Helen - was so so, I do love Kate Hudson though
  • Jersey Girl - again average but watchable, quite sweet
  • The Prince and Me - fluff!
  • Perfect Opposites - this was shockingly bad
  • Prime - I quite enjoyed this, Uma is quite a good female leed
  • Stepmom - always makes me cry (loads!)
  • The Last Song - very, very cheesy but then it is Nicolas Sparks!
  • Whip It - probably my fav out the bunch as I'd never seen it before and I enjoyed the more alternative vibe
 It may seem like a lot but I rarely watched them all in one - instead I would watch half an hour here and there. My timetable's a lot lighter in the summer as three of my classes have finished their exams and left and so I only have two or three classes a day. It's bliss and good for winding down ready for the summer.

But you didn't come here to talk cheesy chick flicks and timetables did you? No you came for some inspiration and nosy at what I have been producing. Most of these layouts only took me about half an hour and I just used the scraps and bits that I had on my crafting desk.
You may notice my slight obsession with my dynamo label maker.
And bling.
And bright and funky patterned paper.
It could be to do with a certain order from gottacraft as they were closing down and were doing grab boxes worth £75 for only £25 and so the Belgian gave my permission to get two and boy was I glad that I did!

Totally and shamelessly scraplifting from October Afternoon's mix and match Monday gallery - I used Amy Tangerine's cute new range

A layout documenting our love for Nando's chicken (well I am a flexitarian so I love their veggie pitas more) but those peri peri chips - say no more! Using gorgeous paper from Lilybee
A double layout about our New Years trip to Hickory's steak house in Chester and how desperately we wanted to try their goodies! Including Oreo shakes and rootbeer!)

It wouldn't be Christmas without a new board game and so we went for Pointless this year and it afforded us hours of fun. I glimmer misted the '&' onto this page - using a negative and just scraps and washi left over from all my other projects.

So bloggers - what do you normally blog and scrap too?


  1. so very fun! I usually scrap to reruns of the Paperclipping round table :)

  2. beautiful beautiful pages Mel.....u have been busy!

  3. I love your dynamo machine too, it really adds a cool effect to your pages!! and solves your problem for titles of always running out of E's!! and the pointless page is amazing, love the card playing paper you used for it!


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