22 Jun 2011

Summer loving...

Inspired by Nicole Pomeroy's layout in the latest Creating Keepsakes. I loved the borders on the photos and around the edge of the page, I forget about doodling sometimes. I used a muted background and then lots of circles. My fav feature (which is also inspired by her layout) is the 'waves' at the bottom created by curling and ripping the paper and distressing the edges. It makes the layout 3D and adds dimension.

Created using the summer prompt over on The Paper Variety.

P.S The cool little homemade embellishment in the top right hand corner was made by Homemade Hannah. I brought some gorgeous lettering from her and she made this cute little homemade card with the package, so I immeadiately recycled it onto my page!

21 Jun 2011

A stitch in time...

I just can't resist a bad pun - sorry! So Sketchy Thursday's it's been far too long and so I felt I would give you a whirl again.
Here is the sketch:

 And here is what I created...

I am still getting good mileage out of my Saltburn-by-the-Sea pics and especially the sunset ones. What I liked about this sketch was that you could use little pics which may not be scrap worthy on their own, but help tell the story and add more interest.
A few things I did on this layout that I haven't tried or done for a while:
* Hand stitched all the way round the circle. This took quite a long time. Probably why I don't do it very often, and you can't really see it clearly in the pic but trust me it adds texture and interest to the circle.
* For the squares I just stamped a mini stamp pad down hard to create the gold and purple squares. An easy and effective little technique. I also inked the edges of the photos to make them pop.

All in all a pleasing layout and a great sketch - thanks!

In other news my husband was feeling left out of the blog action so we have made our own blog called Ide and Seek ('scuse the terrible pun! It was his idea!) We are including all sorts of features like funny pics, songs, videos and recipes to go on over and check it out.

18 Jun 2011

Adventures with photoshop...

Went to the West Yorkshire Sculpture Park today and was so glad the rain stayed away and the sun came out!
Here are some pics I played with in photoshop...
This shot was taken using self timer and was edited using the quick fix and then I applied the water blot mask (I think it was called this!)
 This shot has a charcoal mask...
 Colour boosted and shadow enhanced...
 Nothing done to this, but my fav piece in the park - the Haha bridge. Can't help but smile!
 Sky lightened and the blue colour boosted. I like the composition in this one.
 A sneaky shot through the sculpture - often the only pic I will get!
 The view from below.
So have a go yourselves and share any new tricks with me. I really want to know how to round the corners on the pics, I have looked at an online tutorial but still not too sure how to do it!

16 Jun 2011

Sunset at Saltburn...

Welcome new followers - I love to check out where all my followers are from and always thought that scrapbooking was a very American thing, but yet there are followers from all over the globe. It's great!
Here a couple of things I have been loving recently:-
  • Nesquik
  • My So Called Life (do you remember that programme?! And how cute Jared Leto is?!)
  • My cute little Ipod bargain off ebay
  • Actually having definition in my legs again
  • Photoshop
  • Crunchy red grapes
I finally got some scrapping time tonight and here is what I produced with my Kaiser Craft kit...

I think you need to click on the pic to see it clearer. I was using Shimelle's sketch as a guideline, although she had a blown up picture and I didn't have one so used a mat to fluff it out.
What are you loving right now?


13 Jun 2011

200th Post - woo hoo! Seaside layouts!

So as the sun was setting on Saturday night I suddenly decided I needed to photograph these layouts. It started as a single, inspired by this sketch from Shimelle (ta love!) but then I found another great piece of cardstock and decided to make a double. I thought that the picture below was quite arty, but actually it's not a very good view of the layout.
What I love about Shimelle's sketches is the clusters - they are a great stash buster. I just threw everything at it. The heart was made by one of my students and I kept it at the time and thought it would be a great embellie.
 Thanks to Julie Kirk's latest series of advice for the DT curious I had a go at making my pictures look more professional and dressing them up a bit. (Sadly light was not on my side!)

 Now the rather shady double layout. These layouts aren't necessarily my scrapping style but I feel they compliment the seaside feel.
This is my 200th post and I am keen to do a giveaway soon, however my followers have plateued at 39 and so if you could give me a mention on your blogs and tell your followers that I will be doing a giveaway soon, perhaps I can reach my desired 50 followers - thanks in advance. I will make it worth your while with a great giveaway.

P.S Sorry for the non-existent fit Friday - blogger hasn't been playing nice!

10 Jun 2011

Just peachy!

Another one of my photoshopped mini break to the coast pics makes it onto a layout...

 Was saving this cardstock for pictures from the time I studied at UGA in America as it is the PEACHY STATE however I felt it would work well with this graphic print, since my floral top compliments the pattern.
It is now rainy, the husband is out playing footy (outside) I am under my fluffy purple throw and catching up on blogging etc. Hmmmm....

7 Jun 2011

The lazy song...

The concept I devised in the last post is born....and I likey a lotey!

We have got a new obsession in our lives.
Well not new, just rediscovered.


Now we are avid gym goers (I will share my tally of workouts with you on what I am now calling Fit Friday - as opposed to Fat Friday when my colleagues and I would gorge on chips, dips and CAKE!!)
So, I digress, we decided we need a couple of these babies...

So, ever thrifty since I do live in Yorkshire, I suggested that we had to sell enough on ebay to cover two second hand ipods.
And now I am addicted to the thrill of seeing how many watchers and bidders we have.
The most unexpected amount so far is a fiver for our Ford KA manual which we got second hand in the first place! I only listed it for a quid and now there is a bidding war going on and about 8 followers.
Craziness huh?

5 Jun 2011

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside...

A little half term trip to the seaside in the gorgeous sunshine gave us the chance to finally try some of the fancy settings on my camera. I finally got round to reading the digital camera mag my husband lovingly purchased for me quite some time ago. First we experiemented with other settings (I usually use it on auto which defeats the object of an SLR!) and depth of field and blurring the background.

 Then composition. I am planning to scrap this tonight with the lyrics from Lazy Bruno Mars new song. I usually take pics face on, but decided to try with some backdrop in there.

The Saltburn-by-the-sea speciality of a lemon top. I played around with the colours and settings of this photo on photoshop - also a first for me. I didn't even know I had it on the computer!

Not really an arty shot but I was pleased with my two-tone nails and so wanted a pic to show them off!

Now picture this - husband is lying flat out on the peir to get this shot. I was very worried about double chin but it working out fine. I also played with this in photoshop and put a charcoal sketch mask on it.

A rare photo of the two of us. Wasn't the sunset stunning? He hates asking people to take pics of us so we used the self timer and I think it worked quite well, although I was concerned as this was up a big hill and it was a bit precariously balanced! I tweaked the colours of the sunset and am looking forward to scrapping this shot.

Lastly - just for fun! I had to lighten this pic as he was in the shadow. I think his t.shirt is fitting for the pose.

All in all a fab little getaway - would totally recommend it for a day trip. We stayed overnight but moved on to Whitby on the Friday as it is quite a small place and there isn't that much to do. I am trying to really think about pictures now before I take them and will defo be using photoshop a whole lot more!
Any tips or tricks from you experienced photographers out there?

1 Jun 2011

The king of the swingers baby...jungle V.I.P!

What was your favourite childhood toy? 
Did you collect cabbage patch dolls, Polly Pocket, barbies, beany babies or My Little Pony like me?
Well all these toys were fab, but I had no pics of them and when I think about mini Mel she was always on the swing - whether it be in the garden or at the park. 
So here she is swinging away.
Reaching for the stars - hence...

 This layout was stash lite as I used lots of my scraps. I got my trustee (and much negelected) Slice out to cut out various shaped stars. I then inked them to make them pop and pinned some down with brads. I must admit I did scraplift this idea from the latest Scrapbooksetc magazine. 

 This layout is more graphic than my usual style and I had to be very careful not to smudge the inks - I am usually a very messy scrapper! 
I must admit I can't pass a swing to this day without having a go. Perhaps I should have joined the circus!

Completed for this gorgeous blog.

Double wedding layout with Shimelle...

Shimmy to the left, oh double layout of mine. Using the photo love challenge over at Shimelle's fab blog.

Then tilt the hip and show your other side.
I must say I am impressed with this double layout.
I went for an unusual colour combo of brown, yellow, pink and turquoise.
A combo I will use again I think.

 The animal inspired playing cards made an effective embellishment. 
I then cut my brown border sticker in half - a good tip to make your stash stretch.

 The journalling was tricky to line up and especially drawing the lines on with my trusty ruler.
Isn't my new congratulations stamp with bunting cute?? It was buy one get one free at this discount shop called Range in Shrewsbury. A steal at just 50p. I should have brought some to sell on ebay!

 This sketch was so fab as it made me pay close attention to details and balance between both sides of the layout.
I added the middle journalling spot at the last minute when I felt it needed something more, plus a bit of bling!

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