7 Jun 2011

The lazy song...

The concept I devised in the last post is born....and I likey a lotey!

We have got a new obsession in our lives.
Well not new, just rediscovered.


Now we are avid gym goers (I will share my tally of workouts with you on what I am now calling Fit Friday - as opposed to Fat Friday when my colleagues and I would gorge on chips, dips and CAKE!!)
So, I digress, we decided we need a couple of these babies...

So, ever thrifty since I do live in Yorkshire, I suggested that we had to sell enough on ebay to cover two second hand ipods.
And now I am addicted to the thrill of seeing how many watchers and bidders we have.
The most unexpected amount so far is a fiver for our Ford KA manual which we got second hand in the first place! I only listed it for a quid and now there is a bidding war going on and about 8 followers.
Craziness huh?


  1. For a KA manual?! who knew! Remember when you and Mara first discovered ebay..I don't think the buzz ever left for her! glad you've rediscovered it! tell me you got a purple one? Yes we should have stopped before dessert but who can resist a churro! in reality we really should have stopped, they were gross! xxx

  2. lol!! fab layout, liking your stamp boarder.


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