5 Jun 2011

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside...

A little half term trip to the seaside in the gorgeous sunshine gave us the chance to finally try some of the fancy settings on my camera. I finally got round to reading the digital camera mag my husband lovingly purchased for me quite some time ago. First we experiemented with other settings (I usually use it on auto which defeats the object of an SLR!) and depth of field and blurring the background.

 Then composition. I am planning to scrap this tonight with the lyrics from Lazy Bruno Mars new song. I usually take pics face on, but decided to try with some backdrop in there.

The Saltburn-by-the-sea speciality of a lemon top. I played around with the colours and settings of this photo on photoshop - also a first for me. I didn't even know I had it on the computer!

Not really an arty shot but I was pleased with my two-tone nails and so wanted a pic to show them off!

Now picture this - husband is lying flat out on the peir to get this shot. I was very worried about double chin but it working out fine. I also played with this in photoshop and put a charcoal sketch mask on it.

A rare photo of the two of us. Wasn't the sunset stunning? He hates asking people to take pics of us so we used the self timer and I think it worked quite well, although I was concerned as this was up a big hill and it was a bit precariously balanced! I tweaked the colours of the sunset and am looking forward to scrapping this shot.

Lastly - just for fun! I had to lighten this pic as he was in the shadow. I think his t.shirt is fitting for the pose.

All in all a fab little getaway - would totally recommend it for a day trip. We stayed overnight but moved on to Whitby on the Friday as it is quite a small place and there isn't that much to do. I am trying to really think about pictures now before I take them and will defo be using photoshop a whole lot more!
Any tips or tricks from you experienced photographers out there?


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time at the beach. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. these all look great Mel....and you're using photoshop too!!

  3. Ahh I love all those photos! Great job! We went to Swanage for half term and I took lots of photos and used an antique effect...not in photoshop but I imagine it would have one! x

  4. Sure wish I had time for a little more scrapbooking!

  5. Wow! Saltburn, I used visit there when i was a kid! lol thx 4 reminding me of lemontops too! mmm


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