30 Aug 2010

Bank holiday blues...

SO I still haven't really "rested" in my summer hols and this week will be spent catching up on all the prep I was meant to do over the summer. On Saturday I had my good friend's wedding and they asked me to speak at it about a week ago - eek! What a typical Mormon wedding - last minute.com!!! So I prepared a talk all aobut the groom - Tim - as we have been really good friends for eight years. I turned up the day before to help get everything set up and they told me I was speaking about the bride - Vicky - who I have known about three years! Ahhh! So I had to quickly rewrite my talk, it was all fine on the day and I got lots of laughs and told some good stories about both of them. I liked the closing thought that I found:- May your love always be added, and never subtracted, May your household multiply, me never be divided. So here are the pics.... It was a picnic themed reception complete with baskets, gingham, hay bales and little blackboards - how cute hey?
Me getting broody with the cutest little baby in the world!
Lastly the classic pic of me and my old housemate Dr.Anna. I just got a new phone and it actually has a decent camera (which is lucky since our camera broke on holiday :( ) And I was messing around with the photo editing. I am pleased with it though and it will mean we don't have to shell out too soon for a new one.
So I have bank holiday blues as it's almost back to school, I am panicking about lack of work over summer, we are broke from all our travels and I feel I have lost my scrapping mojo! I did complete two layouts of our holiday in Malta so will try to post them soon. Apologies for the lack of scrappy goodness!
What have you all got planned on your bank hols??


  1. Lovely photos! Some things are better when they aren't prepared, but I'm sure you were nerve wracked!! :) I love the closing on your speech, very romantic.
    Hope you had a great time in Malta. I've just been looking for next year. I miss it!
    Kel x

  2. I love all the picnic theme decorations at the reception! The pictures are nice, you must have a good phone to be able to take that picture! But I'd like to see it in colour so I can see what you were wearing! We found this cool mexican place today in covent garden like bar burrito called mexican kitchen - we had amazing burritos filled with cheese, rice, refried beans, salsa, chicken, sour cream, lettuce - yum! x


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