14 Sep 2016

Me and Mine: August 2016

Thought I'd jot down a few memories from Summer 2016 before Autumn takes over...

Daddy - has been getting really excited about starting his teacher training. He got a bike from his grandparents and has been taking it on some trial runs. Ellis thinks that he is going to 'Monster's University' which is really cute! He enjoyed his time in Belgium and spending some quality family time before he starts an intense year of study.

Mummy - enjoyed spending time in the sunshine with her family. Although sometimes wishing that she had a few more hours in the day to spend time creating. I'm loving making videos and getting to grips with using our go-pro and video editing.

Ellis - this has been the summer of the zip line! You are so adventurous and have no fear when it comes to new adventures. We have started on the rocky road of potty training and are having a mixture of success' and failures! You enjoyed spending time at Rara's (grandad's) house and Oma's house and both times got very upset when you got back to mummy's house - apparently there are monsters in mummy's house. You are fun, lively, charismatic, loving and adorable and a bit stubborn and frustrating at times but our lives would not be the same without you.

Mia - this has been the summer of putting everything in your mouth that should not go in your mouth: stones, sand, paper (a big favourite), toys, shoes and her clothes! You are hitting all your milestones like pulling up, standing alone and cruising a bit. Everyone who meets you adores you as you are so smiley and personable. Your smile is very endearing and are really comfortable around strangers. 

A lot of things are due to change in September with my return to work, the Belgian starting University, Mia going to the childminder for the first time and Ellis starting his new pre-school. It's been nice to savour these six weeks together before going back to the grind.


  1. ..and what a gift you have given the others with your careful recording of it, so they can reember

  2. Great to read how you are all thriving and flourishing! Hoping the changes go well ...


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