29 Sep 2016

Farewell to the summer...

September has brought some delightfully sunny days and so we have been making the most of it and spending lots of time in the park and in the garden. We were invited to a family blogging event in July by Cotton Traders but were on holiday and so they kindly sent us a box of goodies to play with.
Ellis enjoyed playing with the beach ball and even sitting on it.

Mia liked the blow up fish too - it has been a summer of obsessing over Finding Dory. 
We also got paints to decorate a kite and of course had to go with a Batman theme. Ellis was so excited to get a new kite; our last one got stuck in a tree and even though it was months ago he still talks about it to this day.

One of our favourite things to do on a sunny day is to have a bowl picnic. We chose a different snack to go in each bowl - grapes, crisps, wraps, raisins - and then we all dig in. Admittedly some bowls are more popular than others - I'll leave you to guess which ones. 

Look at that cheeky grin!

And then the best part of a busy day in the sun - a big bubble bath!

What do you like to do with your family on a sunny day?

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