23 Jan 2016

Saturday Snapshot // Ice-cream farm family shot

Reasons why this photo reflects us right now:

• mummy looking a bit exhausted ( newborns will do that to you) but very pleased to be indulging in a rocky road sundae
• toddler choosing the 'boo' bubblugum ice-cream and then barely eating it
• daddy winding the toddler up with his 'hipster' beard looking a bit unkempt

Super Busy Mum


  1. Hi Mel, which is why I am glad my two are grown up! You are looking good considering you have a baby too.



  2. My dad always used to get us his favourite ice cream sundae just so that he could finish it off when we were full. I do the same now with my little one. H got stung by a bee last time we were at the ice cream farm. Not been back since, but definitely due a visit soon. The ice cream looks fab :-) #SnapshotSaturday

  3. Such a lovely, happy photo! I think you have that beautiful glow that new mums have for a few months and it looks like you had a fab time X

  4. Lovely photo of you all together - I remember well little ones choosing things and not eating them!


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