15 Jan 2016

Friday finds

Things I've enjoyed online this week:

1) I loved the honesty in this post by Elise about her struggle with postpartum depression. I never experienced this but I know many friends who were guilty of googling all of the symptoms and diagnosing their babies with all kinds of awful diseases.

2) I love Mandi's dolls house as it reminds me of my obsession with dolls houses when I was younger. I used to love making little fruit platters and ice-cream sundaes out of fimo and little pieces of furniture. Sadly my mom got rid of it when they moved house, but its definitely a future project now I have a baby girl. But seriously my efforts didn't compare to Mandi's attention to detail - it seriously is the most stylish dolls house around.

3) I loved reading Alison's tips on newborn photography. I always think everyone else seems to have a great eye and so it was good to get some tips on how to capture cute pics.

4) Now I'm on maternity leave and the rain won't stop I'm constantly scouring Pinterest for ideas. This article has 23 ideas for activities to do with a toddler on a rainy day. I especially love the rainbow rice - watch this space!

5) And lastly I love this man and I love Adele so what could be better than them meeting and jamming for a session of carpool karaoke? Check it out on YouTube.

1 comment:

  1. I'm such a big dolls house fan I had to click through. It's beautiful.


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