22 Jun 2014

Sunday Sillies...

Since you all enjoyed the last video of The Baby licking the window, I thought that I would share some other funnies. (The quality of my phone camera isn't great and we keep planning to get a proper camcorder, but you know buying a house is ££££!) 
Top video is of The Baby getting into my thickers collection - I kept finding random letters on his foot, elbow and forehead for the rest of the day!
Below he is enjoying some deconstructed tacos. In fact most things he eats get deconstructed by him...

A sleeping shot, just because, it's so cute...

He has started taking some steps. Very quickly. Between sofas and boxes. He always looks very pleased with himself. 

Lastly I have been introduced to the silliness of snapchat - are you on it? I didn't get the point of it before, but now I enjoy adding doodles to my photos and sending them to my friend and sister. How many of your husband's have spent the last fortnight like this?

Lastly it is my little sister's brithday today and so I made a collage of her and The Baby. She has always been his number one fan and its really cute.

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  1. Lovely little snippets of video - but the one of him asleep is heart-hugging :).


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