20 Dec 2013

December Daily Week 2

My to-do list is long.
Time is short.
Here are some pictures.
This project heavily features washi tape! Gotta love it!
I am still loving this project.

The stamps page is shamelessly copied from Amy Tan.
But we do get some cool stamps so...

Merry Christmas all and hope that you get to relax as well as have lots of fun!
We are off to Shropshire tomorrow and then onto Bruges for New Years! Wish us luck on the plane journey!


  1. Grab every minute you can to record this special Christmas! And have a safe trip and a wonderful time together over the holidays

  2. Love your pages. The big photo of bath time is the sweetest!

  3. Wow, your scrapbook looks AMAZING! It is such a thoughtful gift! :)

  4. I love your handwriting! You have the gift of making every page so full and interesting to look at.


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