18 Jun 2013

Surprise baby shower...

So my regular followers will know that I am not always the biggest fan of surprises! Normally the Belgian gives it away too, but he did well this time.
There were about 22 ladies there from church and we played some revolting games including guess what's in the nappy and who can guess the baby food flavour.
My favourite activity was decorating the onesies and i was amused and impressed by many of the efforts.
Now onto the exciting part - the pressies...
Gorgeous soft blankets and muzzies
Toys and an elephant height chart
Winnie the Pooh cuties
Cool dude hoody and funky bib
Treats for mommy
Lots of useful bits for the bubba
It was a fab evening and we are well and truly stocked up now!


  1. Such a lovely suprise and looks like you have some nice bits to enjoy too x

  2. Awhh glad you had a good time! Ive got mine this Sunday although I dont think Im dreading any structured activities! xx


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