2 Jun 2013

Maternity Mondays: 35 weeks and kicking (lots!)

So last Monday the British bank holiday weekend broke from tradition and we had some sun- yay!
My sister came up from London for the weekend and so we had lots of shopping and eating out fun.
It was the Saltaire Arts Festival on the Saturday and we got to tour lots of houses and see galleries and local art exhibits. It was a really fun day - we snapped the pics above in Roberts Park and on the canal.
On Sunday the rest of my family (except for Gem and By in Canada) joined us and the Belgian made a very Yorkshire Roast for us all. This is a very scrappable pic...dad and Alli don't feature much in my scrapbooks!

Feelings at 35 weeks:
  • Excited and smug that we have been so well organised and seem to have everything we need
  • Enjoyed getting lots of rest over half term
  • Having as many date nights with the Belgian before we become house bound for a while
  • Blooming - acid reflux was a fleeting moment and generally third trimester hasn't been too bad
  • The Little Wriggler has lived up to their name from the 12 week scan and I often have little limbs sticking out and poking me
  • Worried about names as we're constantly changing our minds and struggle to think of a boy's name we both really love
How did all you momma's out there decide upon the name?


  1. ah looking good, i feel huge so i cant imagine how much bigger im gonna get lol

  2. Awhh glad to hear you feel blooming! We are in the same situation with you re names! We have about three that we both like but cannot actually settle on one! xxx

  3. Maybe you'll have a girl then Mel! We never agreed on any girls names and I had boys!!

    Enjoy your last few weeks and the next five will fly by x

  4. OMG, not long know. You know, we looked in those baby name books and picked out ones we like. We were looking for unusual so that limited the list somewhat. I think when yours arrives, you both will look at him and the right name will become immediately apparent.

  5. As many date nights as possible sounds lots of fun! We need to plan on a date for the baby shower! Can't wait to meet Baby Ide...can't believe it's just a month away now til he/she arrives!!! xxx

  6. Lovely photos of you, blossoming away! Glad it s being such a good time for you. Choosing a name? Well, it had to be one that was not leads in the family and with nine uncles and fifteen boy cousins that cut out a lot. Next it needed to be something you couldn't abbreviate!


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