14 Jan 2013

Memory Mondays: Summer days in London town!

As snow flurries (not enough to close school!) try to make an appearence I long for long summer days.
Full of possibility.
Full of light.
Still, sometimes, full of rain showers.
So the memories and layouts I share this morning are about a week we spent in London during the Olympics.
The above and below layout is of this bike stimulator they had on South Bank during the games. You had to cycle to power a traffic light-o-metre and then the Olympic rings in the middle of the Thames would turn into a water feature.
The problem was that it was mostly kids going on it.
And they can't pedle that fast.
One boy got bored and just abandoned his bike mid-cycle.
So my husband, encouraged by crowds of exasperated mothers, hopped on and really gave it some welly.
It took some puff and he abandoned his coat halfway through as the light seemed stuck on amber.
Then the old ladies in the crowd were chanting, "Come on Wiggins!" At him!
Finally a small fountain appeared as the light turned green.
My layout is entitled 'Come on Higgins!'

The second layout is taken on the same day on the giant chair ride at South Bank.
It was a great view of London from the top.
My sister, who loves a bargain, was most delighted to find a 50 pence piece left behind on the seat for her.
Classic Mara!

Did any of you get involved in the action along South Bank?


  1. oh my. i can't believe you went on the high ride at south bank. It looked far too scary for me. super layouts x

  2. What great stories to document on your pages! Had to laugh about your hubbie's experience! So funny!

  3. I wish we had been able to - too far away for us though. These are lovely pages Mel

  4. What great Olympic spirit your Dh has! and that's a lovely page of you and your sister. I do like those feet shots!

  5. Love your pages.Great documenting : ) xxx


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