28 Jan 2013

Memory Monday: Pie Charts and self timer fun...

Now those of you who knew me in school would know that pie charts and fun were never two concepts I connected. Apple pie and fun maybe...but maths - shudder! A strange trend to hit scrapping in 2012, but one I was keen to have a go at.
This page uses lots of American Crafts and especially Amy Tan. I created the pie chart with cardboard and scraps of paper - embellished with an Amy Tan stamp and a Studio Calico wooden camera stamped in black ink.
The memory is of our trip to Barcelona August 2012. When there are just two of you on holiday, you always have the drama of trying to get a picture of you as a 'couple' and in Barca you have to be aware of pickpockets and people liable to run off with your camera.
So we turned to the slightly hit and miss method of self timer. With the camera precariously balanced on some rocks. I like this pic as it is a fun angle and I think shows the energy and fun of our trip.

Back next week with some exciting news and an actual layout that I actually created yesterday (after a four month scrapping drought!)


  1. your pie chart does look good - might have to give this a go too. Great page Mel x

  2. super fun page! Love that pie chart!!!

  3. It really does have a sense of fun about it! And your pie chart is very inventive. Looking forward to reading more about your news :).

  4. Hi Mel,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Great LO. I love that pie chart you made sooo much : )

  5. I can't wait for the exciting news! and loving the patterned pie chart...although I'll take a real pie any day!

  6. this page is amazing,. it's one of those pages that just 'works!' where everything comes together perfectly. love the cameras and the pie chart is cool, didn't know that was a trend in scrapbooking :)


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