30 Aug 2011

Wedding dress layout...

This layout has been a long time coming, even since I saw this gorgeous layout I have wanted to get my hands on the hambly overlay. It took me a year, a trip across the Atlantic and I chanced upon it in a cute stationary boutiqe in Santa Monica. Then Shimelle decided it was wedding week and so I couldn't resist.

Here it is...

I love it. It's every bit as lovely as I envisaged. It captures a really special moment perfectly. The final dress fitting. I wanted to stitch the tissue paper on as Sharmaine did as it fits well with the dress making theme but the sewing machine was playing up. I think I need lessons.


  1. Hi Mel!!!!! Wow!!! Love your page!! The rockin' poppin' pink dress forms are cool against the white photo etc. Hope you get the machine working, I love using mine but only for scrapping lol

  2. Hi Mel!!
    Love your page. The poppin' pink looks great against the white photo etc.
    I hope you get your machine working, I love using mine but only for scrapping!

  3. worth the wait - a beautiful photo!

  4. This is my fave! that backing paper is too cool and I love the tag with the pink lettering - did you get that in Cali too?


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