24 Aug 2011

California slideshow...

Still struggling to kick the jet lag. Can't sleep till at least 2 a.m every morning, perhaps if I wasn't still on holidays I could shake it. Oh well, I won't complain! 

So as promised I have made (and it's my first so don't laugh!) a slideshow of our first ten days in California to share some of our happy memories with you all. I have ordered a HUGE stack of pics from snapfish but am losing patience waiting for it to arrive. Think of all the scrapping I could be doing? I have made four pages ready for pics but have never worked this way before, do any of you guys scrap this way? I'm a tactile scrapper and always feel the need to see my photos on the layout and worry it won't work when they come. 

So without further ado...I present our roadtrip...California 2011...the first ten days...

Highlights of the first ten days:
* Hiring bikes and exploring Santa Monica and Venice beach
* Mexican food - yum!
* The cool food courts
* Lots of root beer - love that stuff!
* Wodelicious in Santa Barbara the cutest cupcakerie ever, it was just like wonka land
* Steinbeck museum
* Monterey - such a cute little seaside town
* San Luis Obisbo and the infamous bubblegum alley
* The wedding of course (may do a seperate slide show on that!)
* San Fran (it was just as amazing second time round)
* Jelly Belly Factory FREE tour and sample bar - yum!

So fingers crossed it will work and if those darn pics turn up tomorrow you will have some layouts to see.
The last ten days will be up soon too.

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  1. Both of ur video's r fab! I love 2 go there, the Polar bear and Panda r adorable =)


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