13 Sep 2010

Watch out for the cookie monster...

So I finally had some luck at Iron Cupcake Leeds. The theme was macho men and so my first idea was Mr Muscle Lemon Mousse cupcakes. However I saw the idea for the cookie monster on google and so went for that instead. Here i am with my scrapbooked sign: A close-up of the cakes. I initially made the top with food dyed dried coconut and it lookedl like the right texture, but it tasted awful! My sister and I couldn't even swallow it! So I kept that one for the photo op and then just did buttercream icing. The cupcakes were layered vanilla and cookie dough and then a nutella and coconut layer. I forgot to get a photo of the cross section of it.
The winner - he had actually made the burger from cupcakes and the chips were made from shortbread. His attention to detail was superb although the taste didn't deliver I didn't feel - too much icing and food dye.
I also liked the paintballing ones and felt they were cute and a good idea.
I didn't try these as it didn't appeal, but I liked the idea of them.
My sister Mara came up for the weekend (more on that and the Harrogate craft show later) and she made Yorkie ones.
Although I got no prize for coming third it was a lot better than when I came 15th out of 18 for my mint cupcakes. There were 21 entries so I was pleased with that. Next month's theme is halloween - any ideas?? I was thinking pumpkin maybe?!


  1. oh congrats on coming 3rd! well done you, the idea was so creative! x

  2. wow well done! pumpkin, ginger snaps?

  3. yay for the 3rd place!! Hi Hi Hi :) Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments, was cool to 'see' you :)


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