4 Sep 2010

A snapshot of my summer...

1) Making a farewell crumble with our freshly picked blackberries...this is the last time we will see Gem (my little sis) and her husband Byron as they have flown off to Turks and Caicos to work for a year. Check out her blog I am not jealous at all! 2) A lovely castle in Luxembourg where we were visiting the in-laws (always an interesting experience!!) This is where our camera came to its end!
3) My first ever football match I have been to...Club Brugges...the hubsters pride and joy. And they lost...booo!!! Or "ohhhhh!" as the Belgian do it!
4) How cool is this teapot?? We had high tea in Nottingham as I caught up with a friend who is teaching in Hong Kong this year.
5) The complete highlight of my summer was Malta - how cool are these buses?? I have made a layout already and will post it soon.
6) My drink of the summer...mint milkshakes! Yum!
7) I have been working on a mini book for my hubby. I know the pics are rubbish see no.5 for the reason why!
8) And these are some of the books I read this summer. Can you spot the ones I have to teach for a-level? I can thoroughly recommend all of them.
I am feeling nostalgic as it's back to school on Monday and another summer has slipped away...but not unnoticed...in fact I need a holiday just to recover from this one!


  1. Aw the mini Arne book looks really cool, and that mint milkshake is making me seriously hungry right now! If you're that jealous of our fabulous Caribbean life come visit!! we would show you the best time! Good luck for starting back at school, hope those early mornings don't hit too hard, it's back to school for me tomorrow too boooo! love you xxx

  2. Just swinging by to say thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. It's awesome to know that people are reading. We had a gorgeous wedding day and there are more photos to come *promise*

    Laura x


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