11 Jul 2014

What we're eating this week...

So I have a confession to make.
It's pretty embarrassing.
I am addicted to the Facebook group 'slow cooked wonders.'
Seriously what you can't cook in a slow cooker is not worth cooking.
Baked potatoes, eggs and even cakes.
Plus there are some pretty funny heated debates.
So I share with you seven things we have been enjoying round these parts - slow cooked or otherwise.

1) Skinny Enchilada Tostadas - am making these tonight.
They sound really easy, minimal ingredients and they sound delish.

2) Crock pot Hawaiian meatballs - I have made these twice recently as they are really tasty and really easy.

3) Slow cooker mushroom risotto - it was sloppier and stodgier than if you had made it on the stove, but there was no stirring involved and in this heat that is a bonus.

4) Slow cooker macaroni cheese - there seem to be lots of different recipes, but this was the most simple. I left it on a bit long, as I got distracted, and so the pasta was too mushy for my taste but still yummy.

5) Instant banana ice-cream that is healthy too - such a hit

6) I was seriously drooling over this pineapple fried rice pizza and definitely plan to have a go when life settles down a bit and there are less boxes to unpack and jobs to do around the place. In the meantime I got a good quality margarita pizza and topped it with fresh pineapple and pesto and it was very tasty indeed.

7) Lastly, since you can't make dinner every day of the week, we have discovered a new hang out in Leeds called Belgrave Hall that has a street feast once a month and so we took my sister to check it out. They had exciting treats like indi ices with spices and chilli in the ice-cream and the most delicious pizza from Dough Boys with unusual flavour combos like beetroot and goats cheese. The Belgian got a dripping burger from Patty Smiths and their chips were out of this world.

What have you been making recently?

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  1. i don't use my crock pot nearly enough! those meatballs look good x


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