25 Jun 2012

We've got a golden ticket...

There is a red, white and blue challenge over at SJ Crafts and I have just had an order from snapfish of all our Jubilee pictures. I loved this picture and even as I took it I was imagining a page all about how we'd got Olympic tickets and were looking forward to the event. Although do you think us scrappers have scrappers liscense as opposed to poetic liscense? As in truth I'm not THAT excited about the Olympics. London will be packed. I don't like crowded tubes. I don't really like crowds. We're taking the coach down as it's cheaper and I don't like that four hour sweaty bus journey! Plus we got tickets for football (which I don't even watch on telly - not even England..hence why I am blogging now!) and something called handball - which is...?
But I had some Union Jacks lying around, I liked the pic and I started getting carried away with using up all my red, white and blue scraps. For the title I totally had the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory song in my head as last year there was gloating on Facebook to be had when we got tickets in the ballot and many of our friends didn't.

So I AM grateful we won them - so I could scrap this picture and include a cheesy title and use up some of my scraps. I am sure I will enjoy it when it comes down to it...as my husband keeps telling me it's a once in a lifetime experience.


  1. adorable layout~super cute pictures. Thanks for stopping by my blog early today:):)

  2. a fantastic layout Mel...the union jack flags look good....and you sure are lucky. Only one our friends managed to get tickets for.....beach volleyball!! lol!

    Thanks for joining in with SJ Crafts Challenge

  3. Love it! Really fun layout :)


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