27 Dec 2009

Now some close ups of my work...My engagement in Paris is a funny, scrapping story as the minute Arne dropped onto one knee in the glacial gardens of the Versailles Castle I immeadiately insisted he wait whilst I get my camera out!!! He was not impressed and didn't understand that unless I could scrap the moment it hadn't happened! I did kill the moment though and he insisted that we don't display the photo as he felt embarrassed by it! Look at the above layout and you will notice the absense of said photo, it has not reappeared after the wedding which I am cross about. This layout features many of my fav techniques inking, embossing, embossed lace and ribbons. I have a whole bag of random ribbons from presents, clothes and bargain basements and I love to put strips of it on LO's.


  1. Hey Mel, thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. x Congrats on your wedding, comment about James Bond on your sidebar here made me smile too! x Keep posting those layouts, your blog looks great and your layouts are fab too x Karen x

  2. He sounds such a delight! And a man of the world already, with all that travelling - what super photos. I wish I had kept detailed records like this ...


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