16 Mar 2013

What to do with paper too pretty to hide?

Are you like me? Do you have some pages you'd just like to stroke and admire and are always reluctant to actually use? I've been hoarding this gorgeous camera paper for ages and so was delighted when Shimelle's most recent sketch to scrapbook page was all about making the most of a really great patterned paper.
I used a picture from our honeymoon and used my travel stamps washi tape. I kinda messed up the page trying to do a line of embossed Amy Tan cameras, that turned out not to be very straight and so I tried to salvage it with a Martha Stewart star punch.
I'm not entirely sold on the pink and the green together, but I think it works.

The second layout I tried with this sketch is also a travel one. It is all about how the desserts in Thailand were often a dissapointment - until we got to MBK centre. It puts English food courts to shame and the desserts were all beautifully presented - as we do eat with our eyes after all.
I am a lot happier with the colour scheme on this one - I've never really paired brown and purple before, but I think it really works. A technique I've picked up watching lots of scrapping videos over at two peas is distressing, tearing and rolling the edges of the photo mat to make it really stand out. I have been watching a lot of scrapping tutorials as I have had a really bad cold and hacking cough - the poor baby!

What techniques have you been loving recently?
I've been getting messy with paints and have lots of brand new layouts to share with you soon!


  1. Your pages are always a pleasure to peruse! so the promise of more is good :) I like purple and brown together too..I had a purple coat once and it used to go over all my brown stuff

  2. Love these pages!
    Good work! :)
    Sarah xxx

    www.whimsicalmumblings.blogspot.co.uk -

  3. these are lovely Mel. I had that camera paper and I cut out the cameras to use on layouts! nice colour combinations.

  4. these turned out great! i love that sketch - need to give it a go :)

  5. The perfect sketch for that paper, yes indeed. :) And the resulting pages (both of them) are lovely.

  6. I agree. That Echo Park camera paper is too pretty to hide. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. I know what you mean about hoarding those wonderful papers that are just too nice to use. You picked a great one.

  8. Wandered over here from Shimelle's blog - love your pages here and congrats on the new arrival!

  9. Wandered over here from Shimelle's blog! Love your pages here and congrats on the new arrival!


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