10 Dec 2012

Messy Mondays: A washi taped up gift of a page!

 Festive greeting blogland! Have had winter sniffles over here and zero motivation to blog despite huge piles of layouts still to be featured. Was motivated by Glitter Girl's latest challenge over at 2peas using 6 by 6 albums to embellish. Those who are my 'regulars' will know that I love a bit of 6 by 6 action on my layouts.

Check out some of my previous pages using 6 by 6 pads here, here and here.

This layout uses lots of Studio Calico and has a funny story behind the title - see below for more details.

Firstly though I used washi tape to separate out the four papers from my SC 6 by 6 pad - I think that it looks a bit like a birthday present.

I have had lots of fun playing with the Studio Calico mistable cameras. I used my Mister Huey mist and then outlined in my black sharpie to make it stand out.

Now for the story behind the layout: Do you ever remember very random things? I am one of those people who can still something that my Year 4 teacher said when I was seven and I only have to see a film a couple of times to have memorised a lot of the lines from it. For example 10 Things I hate about you or She's Like That.
So...circa 2009 Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills did a phone in where you had to say "Chi-no!" or "Chi-yes!" Depending upon your opinion of the humble chino as a fashion option.
Now I don't whether its down to five tousle haired tweenie boy banders but suddenly chino's are di-rigour for more than your grandad and so the Belgian jumped on the band wagon and I snapped a blurry pic on my phone.
So the obvious title for my layout was "Chi-yes!" because I think that for him its a good look.

So there you go...what is your verdict? Chi-yes or Chi-no?

2 Dec 2012

Storytelling Sunday: The one with the drunken monkey...

 Picture a dark night in January. In Leeds. The student bit - Hyde Park. One minute you are walking home from a social event chatting away to your housemate. Next minute you are on the side of the pavement wondering how you got there and what happened. The undercover policeman who just happened to be there fills you in that you were hit by the front of a car and flew five feet into the air and landed on your head.
My housemate, Cal, was busy wiping my blood on her jeans as she knew that I hated blood. I got rushes to A&E and they glued my head back together. I was due to start my second teaching practice and had to postpone it a week, whilst I got myself back together.
The above and below pics were the sight that greeted me when I got back from going to my family home for a few days. This monkey is my travelling monkey and has been everywhere with me including my symester studying in America. I thought that it was hilarious and made me feel like everyone cared about me.
The placard reads: Bad accident don't wanna talk about it!
The other special thing about these pictures is the hand knitted rug that was made by my South African gran. The sad things is that I no longer have it as at a picnic is was put into the wrong car and i never saw it again. So I am reminded of the kindness of my gran too.
Here I am looking a bit worse for wear holding the flowers from my mom:

Well I knew that it would make a great story one day. Even if it was a bit scary at the time!
                      Linking up with the lovely Sian at High in the Sky for Storytelling Sunday
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